Tuesday, February 14, 2006

REORDERED! Our Birth & Marriage Certificates.

Yes, I had to reorder them from vital check. There’s a link to them in the side bar, because last year I was trying to find a way to do at least something to get ahead of the game on our adoption so I figured I would order our marriage license and birth certificates. Bad idea that early. About a week after I ordered them I found out that they expire one year from the date they were made, ours were made on Aug. 16 of 2005 which makes them already 6 months old at the start of our paper chase. These are the documents that need to be certified, authinticated and sealed and since I don’t want to risk them expiring before our dossier is finished and we are LID in China the dates on all documents except fingerprints freeze in time at LID “log in date”. Finger prints are only good for 15 months so be sure that you get your dossier done and sent to China ASAP after fingerprints are done on you.
Lori took her big RN test today she has know idea how she did but I know she passed. I married a smart woman.

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