Thursday, February 16, 2006


There is now. Lori passed her state boards to become a registered nurse, she took the test Tuesday but didn't get the results until this morning. She has been working on a temp liscence since she graduated from school. So now I get to have my wife back. During these last couple of years she has shown the kind of dedication to her school work that most people will never know. I'm happy for her, she can finally have time to, well do just about anything that she wants. Plus I get to have my wife back. Anyone who has had a spouse go threw an intensive period of school work will know what I mean. It's all school work all the time.
In the adoption part of our life we got our birth & marriage certificates from vital check. Wow that was fast, we had them fed-exed to us. I just ordered them from three different places two days ago. I heard from our home study person today. We're still on for the 24th but I have been working so much to pay the fees that I have done Nil on the home front. I will have to make some progress on Sunday or replace all the 75 watt light bulbs in the house with 5 watts so she can't see anything. I'm hoping to send the first agency payment out on Mon or Tues threw fed-ex. I will not be using the usps, they loose packages. Then our agency will give me the code to the dossier area which will tell me what to do with the certificates that I just ordered.

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Tammy said...

Congratulations Lori! That's quite an accomplishment - I'm in a nursing program now & know the amount of dedication and work involved. You should celebrate!

Your home is lovely - you can tell you've put a lot of love & hard work into it. The details really give it character.

Great blog too!
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