Friday, February 24, 2006

One down one to go

The first home study is over and it was a walk in the park. It took about two hours to do the first part of it and there wasn’t even a tour of the house. She asked us some questions, and gave us some advice as to what to do for some of our paper work.
All in all it was more like we were catching up with an old friend that we hadn’t seen in awhile. She had asked if she could bring two students with her to the interview, and we said sure they were nice to. So the unevent I was hoping for came true.
She has to come back on Wednesday when Brandon is out of school to interview him about his home life, discipline, ect.
When he got home from school today we told him that she needed to interview him. He immediatly said something about being beaten daily with bricks in a pillow case. That kid kills me, he is to sharp witted for his own good.

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