Saturday, December 13, 2008

Chip-In China adoption fund raiser.

Lori and I are behind in the funds needed to travel in March to bring Norah home so I am asking for $10.00 donations to help us reach the amount needed. Believe me I hate to ask, if all you can give is a dollar it would help and we would be greatful. Thank you for your help to bring our daughter home. It means so much to our family.

You can donate through the ChipIn widget with your PayPal account, a Credit Card, or a Debit Card.
I cut the follwing From the ChipIn site. "ChipIn is a Web-based service that simplifies the process of collecting money from groups of people. We make this process quick, easy, and secure, and we provide organizers with numerous ways to get the word out about their ChipIn event. We process and track all payments. Your contributors chip in via PayPal and the money goes directly into your PayPal account. As people chip in, you'll be able to track the progress of your event using the ChipIn widget, which can be inserted on blogs, profiles, and Web sites."

I also have a PO box: Glen and Lori Cook, PO Box 1114, Cabot, AR. 72023-1114. It's there in case you are not comfortable using the ChipIn widget or would just like to drop us a note. We LOVE hearing from all the great people we have met and will meet through this blog.

Glen and Lori


Charlotte said...

Glen, I challenged the entire FCC ! Norah is one of us, and she needs to come home ! She will come home !

I am so so excited. The kids are going to love her !

Charlotte and crew

Shea said...

Found your blog through Charlotte. I added it to my blog in hopes someone would see it and maybe be able to help you out. I hope that's okay. God Bless!