Friday, December 26, 2008

A wonderful Christmas

The gift of a Child this Christmas is one of the most wonderful things that can happen to a family.
We are overjoyed with Norah coming into our family; we still have not gotten PA yet so you will have to wait till next week, the people that got there referral the week before us just got PA on Wednesday so we are next!
We did some of the usual traditions this Christmas.

Christmas eve we went around looking at all the lights at homes in Cabot. We also did some new things this Christmas….

Christmas day we went to our Church to help set up to give out Christmas dinner to people in the community that needed a little help with dinner this Christmas, some people were going to eat at the Church and some were going to take packages home so they could have Christmas dinner at there home. With so many people stepping up in the community to help out our family it was a small way to start paying there gift to us forward to our there families…….

After that we went home to let Brandon open his stocking, he has had it since his first Christmas…..

Oh yea that is what you think it is…..

Then it was over to Lori’s parent’s house to open gifts, Instead of canceling Christmas this year we as a family decide to give and get gifts that we needed, Lori and I fixed some slick steps at her parent’s back door with some tread strips, and hung a shop light so her dad can see in the garage. Her parents got us a gift certificate to chilies so Lori and I could have a date before we have a small child at home again, and they gave us a gift certificate to Wal-Mart to buy a Buster seat for the Car……
Annie is at her relatives this year we miss her but are happy she got to spend this Christmas with her relatives we had her the last three major holidays, we can’t be too selfish. She still managed to make us smile with this photo she sent us on Christmas morning. She also gave us a wonderful gift of by translating letters for us into Chinese to Norah and Norah’s orphanage and her foster family.
Annie’s parents also gave us a wonderful gift that will make our travel around China much more enjoyable.

So it was a wonderful Christmas next year when Norah is home it will be even better.

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