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Anonymous said...

Congrats on your referral! Can't wait to see pictures and follow your blog.
Just a little info as a BTDT parent.
1-If it gets too costly; you could consider leaving your son at home. I know it's not what you want, but if push comes to shove, obviously, that would save a lot of money. Scott and I traveled alone (without my son) and in 2006, it was only a total of $1,800 with an extra seat for our daughter on the way home. We used the travel agency recommended by our adoption agency and they got us the best rate. I know the prices have gone up due to fuel costs, but hopefully they go back down again soon with the lower fuel costs again. Also, it varies greatly depending on the time of year you travel, and spring is a GREAT time to travel overseas (providing it is not during CNY)

2. In China food will not be all that much. If you stay at the White Swan, you can have brunch there, and bring food back to the hotel room. Food outside of the hotel for dinner is very cheap. I would estimate good eats for a realistic estimate of $700-1000 total, if you eat brunch daily at the White Swan for free.

Internet is free at the White Swan, so unless you order dinner in (which I would not suggest because it's really expensive) you shoudn't have extra hotel costs.
VERY NICE hotels in China are around $100 per night (X14) it's really around $1,400 for hotel stay for the entire 2 weeks.

All in all, your estimate is probably around $5,000 - too high, even with bringing your son with you. But I know you want to overestimate and not underestimate. We did.

Also, if need be, you can (maybe should) put the hotel stays on a credit card and pay it off later. You could do balance transfers over 6 months to a year with no interest.
And if you or your wife have a 401K, you can borrow against it if you need to.

Glen said...

Thanks for the tips I hope you are right and my estimate is too high that would be wonderful news. If I could get some more BTDT parents who have traveled recently three over and four back it would help me nail down a closer estimate. I will be keeping this page updated with the amount still needed at the bottom of the page. If I get a lot of feed back saying I’m to high I will gladly reduce the amount needed and make a note of it at the bottom I do not want to raise one dime more then we need because that would take away from other charitable needs we have in this world.
Thanks friend

Charlotte said...

Glen ! I am so excited for you family ! Call me, I want details, can't wait ! I just donated $20 to help. every bit helps ! I will help you with any fundraisers, any spaghetti dinners you want to do, etc. Let me know , you will get her home !!!!!

Yippee !

Charlotte and crew

Anonymous said...

I just checked (cus Im OCD. :0)
and it looks as if staying at the White Swan right now is 150 per night, not 100 per night- I checked Expedia. So, that expense is higher than I originally thought. However, with a travel agency they might be able to get flights and hotel stays as a package at a lower rate.
Is your son working a part time job? It might make him feel good if he feels as if he contributed to his part of the trip too. My son is very interested in going with us for our second daughter, and he's currently saving for his share. Im excited he wants to go.

Glen said...

Thanks Charlotte,

Ever bit dues help!
Yea Karen I checked flights and it looks like they are about what I had estimated, maybe with fuel prices going down they will drop a little before March. I have had some people donate or pelage to donate after the first of the year so my funds needed has dropped to $9,620.00 again as Lori and I save and as people donate or pelage to donate down the road I will adjust the number at the bottom of the page. Don’t worry I’m a little OCD myself :) its good if you want to get something done. I talked to some churches Friday after noon but the pastors were out, even our pastor was out of town visiting people in the hospital and they couldn’t tell me if they could help us as a church, but some one in our Sunday school class is going to put on a BBQ at there house, after the new year so that will help.

Anonymous said...

Glen and Lori!!! I hadn't checked your blog in awhile and look what I missed!!!! Oh my goodness, congratulations! Of course I am just going nuts to hear all about Norah but I understand the need to wait. It won't be long.
Congrats again!
Marcy from MSN