Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Getting Care Package together for Norah.

We had been buying small things for Norah for the first two years. After two years with no referral it became kind of painful for us so we stopped buying things alltogether. Last night we got down the boxed up things we had put away and went through them. Oh my it was fun to go through all the little treasures we got her. Most of the things in the boxes we will be able to use because we were buying clothes at yard sales that were in great shape. Most still had the tags on them. We thought Norah wouldn’t be able to wear many of them for awhile but at a dollar or two for the outfits it was worth putting them up for later. Who knew later was now. We also bought some special things like the doll and security blanket you see in the box.
We have to wait until PA to send them to her, with the photos I made up. COME ON PA! I will include a disposable camera and some chocolates for the orphanage and foster family, apparently chocolates are sweeter here in the U.S. I am also including some small beanies that definitely won’t fit Norah, maybe the orphanage can use them. Annie is going to translate some letters for us to the orphanage, foster family, and Norah telling her she has a family and we are on the way as soon as we can get there.
I am putting together a care package for my daughter, WOW!

This is what the photos I labeled look like.

I will put the things for Norah and her foster family in the box inside the box and the things for the orphanage around it.

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