Tuesday, December 16, 2008

If you had to explain your life to a child in photos what would it look like?

We are going to be sending Norah a care package with some things that we have collected for her over the years. Our agency has also suggested that because our daughter is an older child that we should send photos of our life, so the orphanage can start to prepare for the Idea she now has a forever family that is coming for her and what her family, her home, her room, and pets look like, what they do as a family ect. I will have Annie write in Chinese on the back of the photos so they can explain who every one is and different little bits of information that a child may understand. This is some of the Photos we are going to send of our families life.
Lori is almost done with Norah’s room and I will post the photos we are going to send Norah of her room soon.

We like to go camping when it is not extremely hot out side.

We like to read and go to the book stores.
Your grand parents and uncle have been waiting for you for a long time and are so excited you are coming.

We love to celebrate all the holidays and can’t wait to have you hear to celebrate them with us.

None of us takes them selves too serious and there is a lot of laughter in our home.

You mom and I try to take walks at the park together after work to relax and spend time together there is some play equipment at the park we can take you to play on.

We spend a lot of time in the back yard growing food in the garden or playing with the dogs or feeding the fish.

This is your house.

Your Mom and I with the kids like to have fun at family fun parks.

If we can’t get away for the whole weekend we will go have a picnic some where.

We like volunteering for different groups that interest us.

Your mom and I have been together since high school.

And some times we just don’t want to do anything but relax for awhile.


LindaJ said...

looks good to me...can I come live with you too? I wanna ride go karts!!!! The bug thing though...not for me!

Glen said...

Ha, The go karts were a blast that was a good day!