Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Finally, some sleep

Norah with her blue track suit on. She kept pulling the hood on and then it was back to the mirror to check herself out.
She would do something and then shrug her shoulders and look at you like "it was nothing".
Norah and Glen playing ball in the hallway. It was way to cold to go outside yesterday.
She did bump her nose one time and made it bleed but she did good and didn't get scared while we got it stopped. All that bedtime crying has really dried her nose out.

Had to show us the sunglasses (one out of the 12 pairs that we are required to carry in her backpack) she picked out to go with her outfit.
We discovered the magnifying mirror in the bathroom.

She LOVES looking at herself.

After days of no sleep Norah (and Glen) finally hit the wall yesterday and went down for the count. It's 4:30am Thursday here now and Norah is still passed out, no nightmares. She didn't even wake up the 3 times we got her up to go to the bathroom.


Marcy Dunaway said...

I am soooo enjoying following along! Thank you for sharing! Norah is such a beauty!
Marcy from CCAI WCP Yahoo Group

Margaret M said...

The picture of Glen and Norah sleeping is too cute! So happy she is doing so well!

Dawn said...

She is ADORABLE!!! :-D

Unknown said...

You know, she looks so so happy with you guys! And I'm sure you two haven't stopped smiling yet!


Carrie said...

good to hear it! sleep is very important!

WadeJen said...

Hey Glen,

Norah is beautiful and it is amazing the transition she is going through once she joined your family. You can already see the love between Norah and you and your wife. May God bless and keep your family in his loving embrace. I am so thrilled for you guys.

Your friend Jennifer from the CCAI July 06 group.

joanna and scott said...

She looks so happy!! Thank you for all the pictures and Congratulations again!!!!!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

What a truly precious little girl... so adorable...

Lynn said...

She looks so happy!

LJ said...

Happened upon your blog recently.
Norah is just the cutest thing! Looks like you're having fun...enjoy each day!

NeuroMama said...

That last photo of Glen and Norah sleeping is beautiful! It looks like you're having a great time and that everything is going well. Congrats again!

CCAI WCP Mom to Sunnee, Ryleigh, and Grayson