Friday, March 13, 2009

Last day in Zhengzhou.

This is the cute little outfit that only lasted about an hour before Norah fell and busted her nose. She is very wobbly when she is on her own two legs.

This is the only way she will let us brush her teeth.

Julia, Jason, and Gwens shoulder.

Home Depot

Chinese Provencial Museum. This was used to cool or heat wine depending on the season. Ice or coals went into the big pot. The the rounded pot set down inside.

Before paper. Carving of circus in stone.

It is amazing what some of the people can haul on their bikes.

Our friends gave us the coat to use for Norah. It really came in handy because it is COLD here and her coat that she came with is filthy.

Outside of Chinese Provencial Museum.


Carrie said...

I love that coat-it is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Story!!
Kathy (Fellow CCAI adoptive parent and proud parent blogger)
DD Ami
DH Keith

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Je suis du Canada, je ne sais pas si vous parlez français. Je suis votre blog en Chine depuis le début. Ce matin je suis tombée amoureuse de la photo de Norah accroupie avec son petit manteau... quelle superbe photo. J'ai hâte aux prochaines. Bon voyage.
Sabrina de Québec en attente LID 18-05-06

sab & gis said...

Bonjour je suis du Québec je ne sias pas si vous parlez français. Ce matin quand ja,i vu la photo de Norah accroupie par terre avec son manteau, j'ai craquée... superbe photo. Votre fille semble bien s'adaptée. Elle est mignonne. J'ai déjà hâte aux prochaines photos. Bon voyage.

Sabrina de Québec, Canada LID 18-05-06

bbmomof2boys said...

Glen & Lori - it looks like she has been with you forever - a forever family!!

I'm so happy for you guys!


Cindi Campbell said...

Love, Love your pictures. Norah is delightful and oh so beautiful. Blessings on your new life together.

Ash said...

Glen and Lori,
Norah is so beautiful! I am so thrilled you have your daughter in your arms. She looks so happy and I can almost hear her laughter as I look all at your wonderful posts. Thanks for sharing and blessings to all 3 of you and her brother and Annie waiting at home. Blessings to you all,
Love ash