Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Medical Check

Norah getting ready to go to her medical appointment.

Norah after her medical checkup. The nurse that checked out her hearing put that she can hear fine. Um! No!

Picking up leaves to put in her box. Ok, directing us which leaves to pick up so she can put them in her box.
There is a statue in front of the park of a very big lady in a swimsuit walking her little dog. Norah is trying to figure out how to make the dog go OR she's training to be a jockey.

Wainting for lunch.

Distracted by toy cars while waiting for lunch.

Norah with her finger up her nose. This happens ALOT. That's Glen saying booger.

Norah running the hallway.

While Lori was out doing some paperwork Norah had some Prawn Fries. You read that right, chips that taste like prawns.

Some computer time.

Playing with Dad.

View from the White Swan fire escape. I'm pretty sure we weren't supposed to be out there.

The stroller really isn't so bad. We had to bribe her to get in the stroller (we are SO not above bribes).

Norah and Glen playing with the stroller.

Glen and I were not aware that we would have our picture taken too on the "Red Couch" so we look kind of scumy but seriously who's looking at us anyway.

Norah always has big smiles for Jason (Julia's dad).

We picked up a couple of little outfits for Norah while we were out today. When we got back to the hotel we had to play fashion show for about an hour.

Group shot infromt of White Swan Hotel waterfall.

MMMMMMM! Cheesecake.

We bought this spinning top from one of the little shops. Norah was facinated by the lights. It also makes ALOT of noise (sorry hotel neighbors, but we have a three year old to entertain).


bbmomof2boys said...

The girls in those shops - I swear they would find the loudest toys for Little T and of course she wanted them and we HAD to get them. On the way home one kept going off in the suitcase!


Carrie said...

Her smile is so awesome!

Cindi Campbell said...

Nora looks so happy. Blessings,
Cindi Campbell

NancyW said...

She is just adorable. Having brought home an almost 4 year old ourselves, I can tell you with confidence that the major meltdowns will get down to just normal kid meltdowns. When we first brought home our Sarah, she would have 45-60 minute trantrums. By the end of the first month home, these were reduced to less than 15 minutes and are now the worst we get is a major pout! And like Norah, her smiles light up our days!

Kaifeng Education Coordinator
Love Without Boundaries

Charlotte said...

So glad to see things are going good, love seeing the red couch, and the group picture ! Love the little albino girl, did you tell them Rachael was albino too ?
Sorry but don't think we can make it to the airport, my mom broke her hip, she had surgery and my life is a little topsy turvey, but I am loving the blog !!!

Charlotte and crew

Heidi said...

The marathon runner pic is great!! She is such a doll.

Unknown said...

Love the updates..we are going to the Henan zoo today..

have a great week. we cant wait for the Swan

AmyO said...

Great pics of GZ...welcome back home & congrats!