Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Last Day in Guangzhou

Playing in the White Swan playroom.

Sharing (sort of) with our new friend Lelia.

Norah went and got this towel out of the bathroom when she saw one of the window washers drop their cleaning rag.

Window washers.

She found this VERY entertaining as did her Mom and Dad.

Walking around the island. The weather here has been just like back home during early summer. A little humid but beautiful.

One of the locals tending his roof top garden.

The island (Shamain Island)is a hot spot for wedding photos. One of our guides told us that there are two great moments/events in a persons life: wedding and death.

Norah with her baby doll from a shop that is part of The Good Rock, an organization that does charity work for China's children.

This artist paints all his pictures with his fingers. He uses his fingertips, nails and palms to make the paintings. We told him we would put his picture on the internet and make him famous.

One of the many statues on the island.

City lights at night from the railing at our hotel.

Yes, she has three plates of food in front of her AND she picks stuff off of ours too.

Norah riding the bus to one of the many appointments we had to keep.

We went to the Guangzhou Zoo today. We saw many animals including the wild Pomerainian (sp?) dogs.


This one was in the petting zoo along with a cow, and a dalmation.

Ahhhh! The panda in China. Our guide told us this was a "one panda zoo".

Norah was very impressed with the giraffes.

This poor panda is known as the "Lesser Panda". I wonder if he/she has a complex because of that.

Ocean World at the zoo.

Skippy the Mud Skipper (Three thousand useless, imaginative points for those that know what show that's from)

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Anonymous said...

I hope you all have a safe and pleasant trip back home. Norah is just going to bring happiness to so many people (especially with that gorgeous smile)!
Kel (part of the CCAI family)