Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More pictures and general 3 year old business.

Norah taking apart the hotel room paperwork folder.

Two pairs of sunglasses are necessary for this task. The clothes we brought with us are all too big, except for one outfit sent to us by our friend Linda. We were told Norah was 30-36 pounds. When we weighed her today she weighed 22 pounds and that was with the big orange jacket and pjs and shoes on.

We had to go back to the EXACT same building and room even to sign the offical Guardianship Agreement that officially makes Norah ours. As soon as we stepped into the room her face changed and not for the better. So Norah and I went out into the hall while Glen took care of the paperwork. They asked us if we wanted to take a picture with the adoption official and we said only if they come out into the hallway.

The little red box is labeled as a "milk drink". It apparently has some kind of crack in it. Norah went NUTS in the store when she saw the box and had the package ripped open before we could get it away from her. She drank the first 2 without even taking a breath, then drank 1/2 of another one. Needless to say we bought another package to have in the room.

Don't even try and take the little red box full of love away from this girl.

Maybe we should have chosen Cindy Lou Who for her American name.

Making what she wants known is not a problem, even without hearing aids she communicates very well and is extremly verbal.

What a cute smile!

Once we put the pig tails in she had to keep running to the mirror to check herself out.

Glen and Norah. The orange jacket stayed off until she found her photo album with pictures from the orphanage, then the coat and shoes had to go right back on.

Norah found the TINY tube of crest toothpaste that the hotel leaves in the bathroom.

She was impressed with herself for unscrewing the cap.

She was facinated by the tiny tube of toothpaste that was in the bathroom.

Norah picked out a toy at the Lotus Center (think HUGE Wal Mart). It's a ball throwing game with a net. She also picked out some blocks and a blue track suit and silver sparkle shoes. All of which she had to put on and admire herself in the mirror as soon as we got back to the room.


Kammy K. said...

I am so excited for you guys. Norah looks like she is fitting in well. She is definately precious. Good luck to you on the rest of your trip. I wish you many blessings !!!!


Carrie said...

love all the pictures-keep them coming!!!

Naenay1012 said...

Love the pigtails!!

Miss Carly said...

I just happened upon your blog while browsing and almost came to tears reading and looking at the newest pictures of your angel. You and your wife are amazing people; it takes so much strength, compassion, and love to do what you've done. Thank you for showing that in this hard world, there are still great people out there. You're an inspiration.

Charlotte said...

I love the pigtails ! So glad you can communicate !!!

Keep blogging, doing a great job !

Charlotte and crew

Anonymous said...

You guys are so cute! That smile ... what a doll! And w/the pigtails she looks JUST like Glen! Thanks again for sharing all of your pictures and stories!
Love, Mike and Melissa

Kimberly said...

Oh, my doG...that child is soooo beautiful!!! And it looks like she is accepting you so well in such a short time! Continued prayers for a great trip and fast bonding.


LindaJ said...

OMG!!! I finally have internet at my new house. She is so stinkin cute guys!!!
CONGRATS. I will be following along everyday now. You guys look great and she seems very happy. Good work mom and dad.


Unknown said...

Love the pictures - what a beautiful smile she has!! Wow - so mom and dad...doesn't it feel just awesome?? God is so good!


Lynn said...

She is so cute and looks like you guys are ALL adjusting well to each other! Love those pigtails and glad she does too! She sounds incredibly bright! Thank you so much for sharing with everyone!! It really makes the wait more bearable!


Nicole said...

So glad the communication stuff isn't getting in the way... you all look wonderful!!!! Norah is beautiful!

Donna said...

Norah is so cute! She looks like she has such a happy personality! Looks like you're probably getting pretty good at 'reading' her and anticipating her needs without language. Actually, that's what all new parents have to do so the fact that Norah is hearing impared probably doesn't make her much different (for now). I hope the hearing aids help her at home. I know of at least two other families in our wonderful China adoption community who have kids with hearing issues. You may already know them but email me if you would like the URL's to their blogs.

I love seeing these photos and reading the little funny snippets about Norah's personality. Yep, she sure loved that milk! Did you taste it? I bet it's sweet. When you get her home, try her on Silk vanilla flavored soy milk. I bet she'll love it.


Our blog: Double Happiness!

Anonymous said...

Norah is BEAUTIFUL!!! I can tell by the looks on your face that you're in LOVE! Doesn't it just make your heart sing when she laughs and smiles at you?

So sorry about the clothes!!!! Are we talking 3T or 2T?

Keeping you in our prayers! Thank you for sharing this with us all!

Kim, Bryan, Anna-Marie, & Savannah

Trish said...

She is lovely. I am so happy to see your dream come true! She is one lucky little girl.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Glen!! Norah is absolutely stunning! I love the Cindy Lou Who look!

Shen was nuts for that milk too-and watermelon.

Kai was just about the same size at 33 mo. and everything we took was huge! All the 2t stuff fell off of him and he was 12-18 mo. sizes-sounds like Norah's about the same.

Sooo sweet! Keep on blogging!


Charity, Katie, Louie & Natalie said...

I love all of the smiles! I'm so glad you have your sweet daughter at last.

henna's hearsay said...

I'm having more fun catching up with your adventures in China! I LOVE the stories you are sharing, especially since I have a three year old...

I also love that you let her have her jacket and shoes when she needs them...

Sweet baby, sweet family.