Friday, March 20, 2009


After something like 27 hours of flying we are home. We flew from Guangzhou to Beijing, Beijing to Newark, Newark to Little Rock and got home last night at 11:30P.M. Let me tell you Lori and I are tired, we can’t sleep on planes very well. Norah slept really well. We all smelled like goats and were dried out like raisins from the long flight.
Brandon got in some good playing time with Norah while Lori and I unpacked and took turns showering. Norah always had one of us around at her beck and call, she was content to play with her big brother as long as she could come down the hall every once in a while to see we were still here. She took to Brandon right away. He seems to have that affect on little kids, they just LOVE him. I just got up so I haven’t even had time to look around the house to see what needs to be done. Will post more later after I wake up a little. We went to bed last night at 3.
P.S. Our bed is so soft.


Carrie said...

So glad you guys are safe and sound home!

Linda said...

Followed your journey while you were in China and am happy you are home...That is such a long trip. Looks like Norah survived well. Wishing you great happiness as a family. My granddaughter is home 8 weeks and she is from Maoming City. She is such a wonderful child and Is celebrating her 2nd birthday on the 25th.. Its so wonderful to see her blossom and oen up and I know you will see so many changes in Norah. Linda

LindaJ said...

Happy to see you home safe and sound. Enjoy! One journey ended (you have her) and the next on begins (getting to enjoy her)...HUGS!!

Kimberly said...

Welcome home! Now your start a new journey--becoming a family. May God bless all of you during Norah's adjustment period.


Anonymous said...

Yay for you! She and Brandon are so cute!
Mike and Melissa

Kammy K. said...

OMG !!! I am so sorry guys ..
I had my dates all messed up .. thought you guys were coming in at 10:30 on Friday night. I missed the homecoming !!!! I feel terrible. BUT ... I'm glad you to hear you made it home !!!

Sooner Girl said...

Glen and Lori,
I have really enjoyed following your blog. You have a beautiful family! And, Glen, you crack me up! Or as my girls used to say when they were little, "You funny!"

Ruby's Fairy Godmother said...

Welcome Home! Looks like Miss Norah is enjoying being a little sister! I love her expressive eyes and they way her eyebrows lift when she is excited...pure joy!
I can't wait to see this little one bloom!
Congrats family of 4!
Norah from Dallas

Anonymous said...

You made it! And now, the start of a whole new wonderful journey. Congratulations!

NancyW said...

Welcome to the beginning of the rest of your life, little Norah! We've so enjoyed seeing Norah's smile and her complete command of the two lucky people who are now her parents! So fun to see big brother will also be a good buddy to her too.


Lynn said...

Welcome home!

For ME that went really fast!!

Looking forward to seeing how well Norah adjusts to her new surroundings and seeing her amazing full face smile!

Dawn said...

Glad you are home safe and sound!!

Amy Cantilina said...

Welcome home! We can't wait to be home, too....5 days away! Looks like Norah is doing great!

Amy inFL, travel group 1463

Donna said...

Welcome home! Can't say that I envy you for that long fligh though! I still cringe when I think of ours.

I wish you a quick jet lag recovery and look forward to seeing more pics of your beautiful family as you settle in together!

Lots of love,

Our Blog: Double Happiness!

Heather said...

Welcome home! And congratulations on your beautiful, happy daughter! I wish you and your family much love and luck and happiness!!