Sunday, March 08, 2009

The People of China

Resturant that the Tang's (Annies parents) took us to for lunch. We tried stomach, a dip made from the product left over from tofu and some pork and beef. We also tried some of Beijings famous alcohol. It is only made in Beijing and has some REAL bite to it. The resturant has a person that announces you when you arrive and when you leave in a loud voice which is the traditional way. The statue out front is holding a bird cage with a real bird in it. The Chinese people also take their birds to the park and hang them in the trees so that they can get fresh air and sunshine.

Our lunch ended with a bowl of noodles with fresh vegetables in them that you add sauce to . It was delicious and the company was wonderful.

Beijings famous alcohol and Coke Light (Diet Coke in the U.S.) cans.

People danicing with long pieces of silk at the Summer Palace.

Some of the people that we saw in Beijing. Children are considered a great treasure by their parents. They are carried everywhere and very rarely told no.

Family visiting the Great Wall.

At our dinner with Annies family there was a kabuki dancer. It was impossible to tell how he changed his masks during the performance. Even when he did it right in front of us.

Chinese Opera singer.

The presentation of the dishes were like small pieces of art.

More traditional dancers.

Mr. Tang's nephew feeding him tea on the end of the chopstick. They were so sweet together.

This motor scooter was MOVING!

When we were all ththrough the way through the Summer Palace we walked through a park where people were gathered to talk, play games, have sing-a-longs, dance, exercise, and visit.

Almost everyone we saw had big smiles on their faces and were enjoying the nice day and company of other people. The singing was beutiful, especially the last group we walked by with all men singing a song that was about remembering the past when they were young.

One of the singers. He was really just singing his heart out for these people.

We were taken by our tour guide the first day to a Chinese home that allows tourist to visit. This is a stack of coal that they use to heat and cook with and some of the biggest scallions I've ever seen.

The kitchen, which is a seperate building from the sleeping area.

Guest area of house.

The home owners bird hanging in the courtyard. The house has been in his family for 3 generations. Some of the furniture in the house is original to the building.

The roads that you walk down are very narrow and have a solid wall facing the street, then you turn down a corridor, go through a door and there is a whole living space behind the door. Talk about more than meets the eye.

Little girl on her way home from school.

I love the picture of this woman. It turned out she was waiting to pick up her child from school.

Grasses growing out of the tiles on the roof.

Construction workers and our rickshaw drivers shoulder.

Taking a break.

People out enjoying the sun.

Construction worker.

Good example of how children are bundled up to prevent them catching cold.

Woman beating the dust from silk filled comforter.

Sally from our adoption group showing a mother the picture she had just taken of her and her child.

People where in groups every so often doing morning stretches and exercises to get ready for the day. I saw alot of hairdos that look exactly like what Brandon has.


Anonymous said...

OK OK all very interesting....BUT WHERE IS SHE??????? COME ON...Youve spent too much time bonding. Give us lookie lues some time with her now. hehe

Carrie said...

Wow thanks for the pictures I am really enjoying them and the kids love to see what China looks like!