Sunday, February 22, 2009

Back to the garden

Well my onions are doing good. It is time to plant my second wave so that I can get them established before we leave for China. I also started some garlic from bulbs I picked up from the grocery store. If they all take we will have enough garlic to last the year! Our house will definitely be a no vampire zone. We will wait until we get back to plant the rest of the vegetables. It will be the perfect time for being outside when we get back and I hope Norah will enjoy time out in the fresh air. We will even be attempting to grow her very own pumpkins for Halloween. We also saw a thing on a vegetable we have never tried called leek. The person on the show was crying when she was cutting them up so I suspect they are in the onion family.
Baby Garlic


LindaJ said...

Be looking for a package being sent to your po box on Monday or Tuesday.

Congrats on the news. Looks like the first week of March will be big for both our families.

I'd rather be going to china and getting a daughter then moving across Washington.

I will be following along for sure.

Best wish and safe travels.


Anonymous said...

Leeks are like green onions but bigger leaves and bulbs. Potato leek soup is great!
Love the garden. It will be out of control when you get home from China.

Anonymous said...

The garden is going to be great! Getting out there in the fresh air and sunshine will be the perfect thing for getting over jetlag--very soon. Can't wait to hear all about Norah.
Marcy in GU