Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We got one new photo and a small update.

Still no word on TA, but we did get this new photo today must have been from about the same time because the as the last photo because the bump on her head is not healed. I thought it might have been a red dot that some of the kids have, but now I think it is a bump. The height, weight, and teeth have gone up in numbers she now has 22 teeth, is three feet tall, and weights 30.8 pounds. To some it may look like the same photo but I love it.
I wonder how many layers she has on looks like her arms are floating. I hope they are using the camera we sent her.


bbmomof2boys said...

Glen - she is so beautiful. I know your heart is full! I can't wait for you guys to get to China!


Anonymous said...

It definitely looks like it was taken on the same day due to the same clothes, etc.
But are you sure that's a bump on her head, Glen? It doesn't look raised.
I've seen several children in foster care as toddlers, whom have red dots on their foreheads made with a red with ink, as a request of desired protection by the gods, placed there by the foster parents. It would be interesting to know if her province is closer to India, where this practice is common. I've seen it on other children, but have never considered looking at the province in accordance of how close they are to India.

Anonymous said...

Also, when we got Cady she was in hmmmm.....diaper under a t-shirt, under cotton pajamas, under hand made knitted shirt, under double layered corded pants, under a very thick jacket. She looked like pillsbury doughboy, and it was warm outside. slight tropical rains. But lemme tell you! Take knee high socks with you for her to wear. If any inch of her leg is showing when her pants ride up while you hold her, you will get the grandma police glare! Cold weather and children are serious matters in China. Especially since the government turns off all heat in March....no matter what.

Glen said...

Thanks, Carla we are so excited. Karen, she is from the area where they put the dot on the forhead and she will problumly have one on on the day we get her but it will be bright red and centured, the one in the photo looks pink, and off center to me. P.S. glad to see your still kicking.

Charlotte said...

Raeghan had on 2 layers, Riley 1, and Rachael 2. I immediately took all their clothes off in the room and packed their gotcha day clothes away for memories. I bet she is about a 3T.

Can't wait to hear you are going !

Charlotte and crew

Trish said...

Your daughter is lovely! I hope you guys get TA soon!

NeuroMama said...

Oh, she is super ADORABLE! Can't wait to follow along on your China adventure.