Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wahoo, We leave March 3rd!!!!

CCAI is 90% sure we will leave on the 4th and we are going to leave one day early to make sure that if we have flight delays, we will still get there by the 4th.

They had to divide us into two groups the second group leaves the week after us. Of coarse we are disappointed they have to wait an0ther week and we won't get to see some of them.
We still may run into one another in GZ.

We should get TA this week or Monday in order to have the dates set in stone. For now them being 90% sure and calling everyone in our travel group is good enough for me to start making plans, I won't buy tickets until we have a U.S. consulate appointment in GZ. By then though we may only be 5 or 6 day away from travel.
The 3rd is just 12 days away from today, its time to start packing...
Dear Daughter we are one step closer to you,
We can't wait to hold you.
Love Dad


LindaJ said...


Anonymous said...

Hooray! Are you guys all set? Do you need anything? I'm sure you've had your bag packed for 6 months, but Lori might need some help! Ha! Ha! Congratulations! Are you going to be able to update your blog while you're traveling?

Jill said...

How exciting!!

Glen said...

Oh yeah, we will be updating, as we travel, I am going to try to post photos every day.

Anonymous said...

Good ... make sure you include lots with you and Lori, too! Is Brandon gearing up for 24 hour cougar time while you're gone?

bbmomof2boys said...

Amen!! Oh I just can't wait for you to get Norah in your arms!


Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Congratulations!!! We are leaving on March 1st with a CA on March 11th. Maybe we will see you in GZ!

Have a fabulous trip! You are with the best agency, we miss them.


Anonymous said...

I am very excited for you both! Be safe, have fun, and go get your daughter!