Thursday, February 26, 2009

It took us 7 days to get CA., we leave on the 4TH!

But at least we got it. The tickets for the 3rd were way out of our price range, so we are flying out on the 4th of March. We will be on the plane with at least 3 other families from our travel group. That is if we make our connecting flight in Newark, NJ. There is only an hour and ten minutes between flights, So there is a chance we may miss our connection. There wasn’t an earlier flight to Newark, NJ or I would have booked it.
I told one of the people flying with us if they don't see us get on the plane to have her husband start stripping off clothes and running up and down the isles of the plane to stall till we can get there. LOL

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Amy Cantilina said...

So glad your group finally got CA! I'll be eagerly reading your blog to see what lies ahead for us the following week! Praying that your connection is not even an issue.