Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Welcome to the "Gun Show"

Glen went yesterday and got immunized! Nothing like waiting till the last minute. He got started on Hep B, Hep A, MMR, tetanus and typhoid. He also got a flu shot last week. You'd think his body would have somekind of reaction after introducing all that stuff but he seems to be doing fine. He did say his arms were a little sore yesterday but that was it, no fever nothing. Getting the vaccines for an adult was difficult and expensive. Glen ended up having to go to the University medical center here and they do not accept insurance. In the long run though it is better to have them.
Right now we are trying to get everything done. Got a car seat yesterday and some of the over the counter meds needed to take with us. We went over to my Mom and Dads last night, ate dinner and Mom hemmed up a pair of shorts for me and put some darts in some pants. We are VERY fortunate to have my parents so close. They do alot for us and provide much needed moral support.
Today I have to tag a bunch of yard sale stuff for a sale on Saturday. We are still fund raising up to the last minute and figured the yard sale would give us a small boost and help clear the decks for the new family member. We have a medium sized house so keeping clutter at bay is a must. Wish us luck Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Glen! I just read your blog for the first time. (Got the link from the DeafChinaAdopt Yahoo!Group.)
We are in the beginning stages of adopting. We're looking for a deaf boy from China. Congrats on your progress!! You're so close!!
Also, it's awesome that you are learning sign language! Yay!
My husband is Deaf, so our family signs, but I'll be teaching a lot of friends while we wait for our son.
Thanks for your blog. I know it will be a GREAT resource during our paper pregnancy. :)

Anonymous said...

We're getting excited for you guys!
Here's to staying healthy while in China.
You should consider getting enough Air Borne for you and Glenn to take 3 times each day you are gone. Scott and I did that and he only got sick after he STOPPED taking Air Borne 2 days before we came home. I did not get sick at all.
Also, take a bunch of cheap tooth brushes and toss them after each use. DO not rinse in running water. And lastly, you might want to consider taking underwear that you can use once and toss each day. It was awkward either trying to tote dirty underwear or deciding to have it cleaned at the local cleaners. Of course, if you do choose to do that, you can drop it off in the cleaners bag at your hotel room, and they will even press and fold your underwear. LOL.
Still, next time we're going to wear and toss them. It saves time, embarrassment, and space.
Oh and one more tip...
Use really large baggies to pack a set of clothes (socks, underwear, hair stuff, and outfit) for each day. It saves so much in trying to look for clothes for her. And the big baggies can be used later for dirty clothes or trash..etc

Cheryl D. said...

What day are you coming home, and do you want some FCC welcome homes meals? Eamil me and let me know....cheryldavidson2006 @ Yahoo.com