Friday, February 06, 2009

Conference call, update.

We got some good information from the travel conference call there were about 20 people on the call. We all asked some good questions, so we covered a lot of what we needed for the trip, what the trip will be like and what we still needed for travel. It comes down to this we all are waiting on TA which is travel approval from China; it could come the end of next week or four more weeks from now. When it comes we have to get CA which is a consolet appointment from the U.S. home land security in Guangzhou, China. That will take one to five days. Then we will leave for China seven to fourteen days after that. CCAI still hopes we will travel in the beginning of march to the middle of march, that really depends on how fast we get our TA if we get our TA in the next two weeks we will be there in that time frame.

It could happen like this on the good side, February 14th TA from China, February 18th CA from U.S., March 1st travel to China.


On the very, very bad side, March 6th TA from China, march 11th CA from the U.S. March 22nd travel to China.

So I am with CCAI in guessing we will leave for Norah anywhere from march 1st to 15th.
We hope it is around the 1st, we want to meet & hold our Daughter as soon as possible.


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Unknown said...

We are with you. LynnMarie turns 1 on March 13 so we want to be in China by then!!!