Saturday, February 07, 2009

Referal photo with snack.

Look at her flag, do you think she is watching the 2008 Olympics on TV?

When we had the Chinese New Year celebration I was showing off the referral photo get got of Norah. One of the ladies that works for a big adoption agency told me she has seen thousands of referral photos in her years of working in adoption and this was the first time she has ever seen a referral photo that had the Child eating a bag of Chips. We feel so lucky to have this photo of our Daughter and all the ones we will get of her From Love Without Boundaries when we get home.
Now I am off to my first meeting with the Arkansas Hands & Voices a Non-biased support for families of children who are deaf and hard-of-hearing.
They will have three topics the one I am going to go to covers.
Lingo, Lifelines & Language: Learn the "lingo" from A to Z that is relative to audiology and language development, as well as learn from other parents about the "lifelines" they used to "survive" the early years!
Sounds good to me!

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