Thursday, February 19, 2009

Guess what?

No it’s not that I need a hair cut I will be getting one on Saturday.
We got TA we are defiantly going to China the first week in March!!!
I had to take this photo my self because Lori is picking up some clear folders on her way home that CCAI said we had to have. We will most likely get CA the first part of next week, because it is already Friday Morning in China.

Oh and I got a flu shot today. Although I am not sure it will do me any good, Last night I started waking up because I keep feeling this whosh-whosh-whosh, on my face.

When I finally came to enough to realize what it was.

It was typhoid marry AKA Lori coughing on my face in her sleep, in her defense she has been up coughing all night and had finally went to sleep but apparently was still coughing. Now I’m starting to feel sick, oh well it was in the vows wasent it.


storiesoftravel said...

AIRBORNE- get it - use it - I sware by it!!!
Happy Travels!

Anonymous said...

Yes ... AIRBORNE ... start taking it now and don't stop until you get home. Seriously, it works. Keep taking it. Lori, too. And HAVE FUN!

Anonymous said...

Yeah...TA!! Miss Norah is on her way home!
Norah (in Dallas)

Charlotte said...

YIPPEEEEE ! I am so so so excited for you, what a wonderful start to the weekend !

How exciting you leave so soon ! I will leave in 9 days to go meet my new daughter, though she can't come home yet !

Charlotte and crew

Shea said...

Congratulations!!!! This is such good news.