Thursday, April 30, 2009

1st Speech Therapy Appointment and stuff

Well today was Norah's first speech therapy appointment. The therapist, Erika, tested Norah on what she knows sign wise and did some exercizes with her on learning to listen. We left with LOTS of homework for both Glen and I and Norah. Erika stressed the importance of using the signing actual english method of sign language as the best way for Norah to learn language and eventually to read and write in English. We will have weekily speech therapy with Erika and hopefully be able to get additional speech therapy for Norah through a local program that will go to her daycare.
Norah is having a new ear mold made for her left ear because the one we currently have does not hold on to the tube that connects to the actual hearing aid.

Tomorrow is the day the air conditioner gets put in. We thankfully had a portable window unit that we use for doing projects in the garage when it is so hot in the summer. Glen moved that one into the living room (it looks GREAT from the front of the house, sorry neighbors) and it has been doing quite well at keeping the house cool and not so humid for the past week. Glen got the concrete pad ready for the new air conditioner.

We will get to see Annie this weekend when we go up to Conway for Toad Suck days (it's a type of festival) and then we also have Norah's 4th birthday party this weekend. It's going to be busy around here.


Anonymous said...

Are you seriously apologizing to your neighbors for one little window unit? Seriously?

You didn't give us any warning about Norah's birthday! What does she want / do you need? Don't say "nothing" or I'll send her some crack. Don't think I won't!


Leah Spring said...

Ask your speech therapist if she's learned Cued Speech. (not prompting. Cued Speech is communication method.) For deaf kids, learning English is TOUGH. There is ZERO correlation between signs and written words. For example, the sign for "bird" has ZERO connection between the SOUNDS "b" "er" "d". (written phonetically) (no matter if it's ASL or Signed Exact English) HOWEVER, Cued English has a handshape or movement for EVERY sound in the English language, and guess what? There are only EIGHT handshapes to learn!!!!! Interestingly, in studies done a couple years ago at Gallaudette University, Deaf students process sign in the visual cortex of the brain. Not surprising. BUT, deaf students who CUE process language in the AUDITORY center of the brain!!!! How cool is THAT? You can find out more about Cued Speech by going here. I entered into the world of CS totally against it. I'm an ASL interpreter, and we were taught in interpreter training that CS was "wrong". It wasn't ASL, so it must be bad. But the people who taught us that didn't understand what CS was, so were GROSSLY misinformed. Fast forward 20 years, and I was told the student who I'd been interpreting for the past 5 years was going to switch to CS. WHAT? NO WAY! But, I was also told either I learn it, or go find another job. So I went to the workshop, and within 15 minutes of the opening keynote speaker i was rolling whole new ideas around in my head, which months later lead to a whole new movement within the Down Syndrome community. I was so sad that years before I'd been so misinformed about CS, as I thought of all the students I'd worked with who would have benefited from it. can be BI LINGUAL, or TRI LINGUAGAL using CS! A deaf student can learn ANY written language using CS!!! So, have a look at it. I think you'll find it FAR easier to use that Signed Exact English!!!! And, you can learn the ENTIRE system IN A WEEKEND!!!! (sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? IT"S NOT!)

Glen said...

She wants a HUGE margarita, a massage/facial and her toe nails done...oh wait that's me! Nix on the crack, she's wound up enough as it is. So how about the Wizard of Oz movie or some kind of bubble blowing contraption. She would get a big kick out of either one Auntie Melissa.

Love ya,

to sing and to dance said...

I'm always so impressed with your work, Glen. You're such a perfectionist. And your work is pleasing to the eye.....Even something as simple as an air conditioner pad.

Glen said...

Leah - We had not heard of Cued Speech before. We will be sure and research it. It sounds like it would be very beneficial to Norah.


Nachama said...

Cued speech kids read better too!
It gives them the same techniques for breaking the phonetic code required for reading that hearing kids get aurally. Cuing is amazing but rare - not alot of folks know it, but there is a community out there. (Don't drop the cochlear implant idea!!)

Charlotte said...

Happy Birthday from the Weddle's !