Saturday, April 04, 2009

A fellow adoptive parent and friend of mine could win a car!

Charlotte Weddle is her name and she was one of the people that have been nominated for a chance to win a new car form the Arkansas Cars for a Cause. Charlotte is a kind a giving person that has a passion for helping kids and families in the adoption community. I have helped her unload her car at many FCC events and trust me I worry every time I see it, that it is going to just stop working and that she is going to get stuck out some where on a hot Arkansas day with a car full of her wonderful kids. Charlotte always helps people in need I really hope she wins this much needed Car.
Hares how to help.
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Below are some words from Charlotte.
Where do I begin ?
Well, about a month or so ago my good friend, Rosemary told me she wanted tonominate me to win a car from Cars for a Cause through KATV channel 7 here inArkansas. She had to write a 500 word essay on me and how we needed a new car !Well, we do, she is old, she has been good, but it is time for a new one, andcurrently an added car payment to the monthly bills doesn''t look like it couldhappen now. She has 254,000 miles on her, her trunk is ducktaped down, herdriver mirrors are missing, her front grid blew off in the wind one day, and herpower steering is shot !
With my job before as a hospice nurse, and now as aninfusion nurse
I put alot of miles on my car !
I was so amazed last week to get THE CALL !
That I was chosen as one of the 5 finalists !
Just to bechosen is an honor ! Thank you so much Rosemary for the nomination !This past Wednesday, this wonderful camera man, Tony came to the house and hevideotaped me and the kids and we told our story ~~~~ the story of our car, ofmy life as a Mom, the story of my love and passion and my mission to adopt a fewchildren from the lives they were born into ! The story of my Mom, and what shemeans to us.
I am going to post some wonderful pics from that day on my blog !

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roberta said...

Just registered at the site and then voted...and will vote again and again.:o)

Good luck to Charlotte! She certainly deserves to win a new car!