Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt, Shower, and Big Time Apology

Our church had an Easter Egg hunt and games a week early. They went all out. There was face painting, games, arts/crafts, and of course the egg hunt. My Mom and Dad were able to come watch Norah do her first Easter egg hunt. The butterfly on her cheek lasted all of 1 minute before she wiped it off, at least Glen got a picture of it.
It was just a tad windy.

It took Norah all of about 20 seconds to figure out the egg hunt. Once she saw that there was candy in the eggs that was it. She actually came close to running over some kids to get to those eggs. We will have lots of fun hiding eggs for her on Easter day. Afterwards she sat in the church hallway and stuffed an obscene amount of candy into her mouth. AHHH! Easter. Let the sugar high begin.

She wasn't to sure about the giant jumping palace to start with but she really took to it after just a couple of minutes. In fact I had to crawl halfway through one of the windows in the side to get her out so the next group of kids could go.

Norah being crafty. Watch out Martha!

Our Sunday School class gave us a shower this week and loaded Norah up with some really cool stuff. The little dog rain coat and tricycle were just two of the MANY gifts we received. We are very fortunate to have such great people in our lives.
Now for the apology: We missed Savannah's 4th Birthday party!!!! We feel awful about that. Savannah turned 4 on April 4th. Her birthday flier got covered up with sign language papers and art work on the fridge and we were SURE that the party was this coming weekend on the 12th. We OF COURSE were WRONG!!! We are soooo sorry Savannah and we will be personally delivering a gift to your house this weekend.


Gwen and Jason said...

Hi Glen and Lori (and Norah of course!). I've enjoyed following your blog and I'm glad to hear that Norah is doing well. We miss seeing your family. Hope you have a good Easter.

Lynn said...

I followed you all through China and just checked back! Looks like life is great with Norah! Love the picture of her in her pretty dress a post down! The doggie coat is so cute!

Happy Easter!