Monday, April 13, 2009

Saturday, Easter, and hearing aids

Saturday morning Lori headed off to run some errands and have some well deserved alone time while Norah and I went to a citywide egg hunt at the local park. We also took some pictures in our backyard. The backyard needs lots of TLC to get it back into the shape it needs to be but we have had to much rain and to much going on to get out there.

Norah at the park with her bucket full of goodies.

Norah in the backyard, eating WAY to much candy. This is the look on her face the whole time she eats candy from her Easter bucket. Kind of a "Don't even think about it" look.

Norah on the swing in the backyard.

Easter morning. This is what we got when we did the sign for smile.

Norah in her Easter dress after church.

Playing with one of her Easter gifts. We went over to Lori's parents house for Easter lunch after church. It was nice to get to visit with everyone and Norah cleaned up on Easter presents. She also had WAY to much sugar for the second day in a row.

Norah "loving" on the kitty. Don't worry Lori saved him as soon as she got this picture. This has got to be the best cat ever. He just endures.
We went to the audiologist last Thursday and Norah had her hearing test. She is "Profoundly Deaf" She can only hear things like a shotgun or chainsaw if they are right by her ears. She had molds of her ears taken in order to get her hearing aids started. We will pick them up on the 23rd. Norah will also have her first speech therapy appointment on that day as well. The speech therapist that we consulted with at Children's Hospital said that we would most likely need to continue with learning sign language and teaching it to Norah due to the late start that she is getting in developing her speech. Norah will also be deaf at night and during bathtime because her hearing aids will have to be out at those times. The hearing aids will only bring her hearing up to the lower level where speech is able to be learned. Norah is however a candidate for cochlear implants. We are being told that the implants would be able to bring her hearing up to almost normal. Hearing aids are the first step, then we will go from there. We also met with the ENT doctor that does the implants. He seemes nice and knowledgable. Lori will still be asking around the OR for the other nurses and doctors impressions that have worked with him.
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Jeff and Madeline said...

I am a lurker but I wanted to provide you a link (you may already have) of a young girl adopted from China with cochlear implants. Just thought it might be a resource and a fellow parent who has been there done that.

Jaime said...

Hi Glen & Lori! Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter. That is great news about the hearing aids & speech. She is such a beauty! I love your backyard too, if that needs some TLC then I am way jealous!!!

Donna said...

All the pics are cute but I LOVE the one with the kitty. What a hoot!


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Sandra said...

Just wanted to stop by and say hi. Our oldest daughter (Hunan) has a profound hearing loss in both ears and wears cochlear implants. She is doing extremely well and is in first grade in a mainstream environment. If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer them.