Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Yesterday was Norahs first day at daycare by herself. Well first two and a half hours anyway. We went to get her after two hours in case she was having a bad time. When we walked in she was happily doing a puzzle on the floor with the teacher and the other kids. They told us she did great, didn't cry and played with the other kids like she had done on the days when we took her for a couple hours and stayed with her.

Brandon went to the same daycae when he was little so he wanted to come with us to see his old hangout and see his sister off on her first day at daycare alone.

After we picked Norah up from daycare we had to get the slab ready for the new air conditioner. Can I just say ouch! I didn't realize air conditioners where SO expensive (having never bought one before). Norah was very excited about the cementand grabbed her own pink shovel to lend a hand in the mixing.

She loves to help but doesn't like her hands to be dirty. So we end up wiping off her hands about every two minutes. Lori is trying to teach her just to brush them off on her clothes and keep going but she dosen't quite have it yet. Seriously Norah, It's ok to be dirty when your working in the yard.

Isn't she so sweet when she sleeps? Although I'm pretty sure you can still see some attitude oozing out.


Grimes Family said...

I am already dreading the day I have to go back to work. Thank the Lord that will not be until August! Looks like Norah is a real trooper!

Carrie said...

So cute!

Naenay1012 said...

I love her lips. :)

to sing and to dance said...

Love the sleeping attitude comment. She really does seem to be a spitfire! And sooo cute!
You've really captured her personality in the pictures. Love seeing the updates.

Michele said...

Too funny - our Josie is the same exact way as Norah - loves to help, but doesn't like getting her hands dirty! Won't even wear gardening gloves! Our solution (for planting the garden anyway) was to have her 'stomp' the dirt around the plants once they were in the ground. The hose is also great - as long as it's not dirty!! Enjoy your Princess!