Saturday, April 25, 2009


Norah getting ready to leave for a day of fun. She has her lip balm and hair clips, so she is all set.

Norah and Dad checking out the fish at the fountain in the River Market.

She LOVES giraffes.

...and elephants.

They were cleaning some of the cages at the monkey house and this is what they had posted on the glass. It would have been even better if instead of cleaning they had been lounging all over the place, scratching themselves and eating animal crackers BUT I understand they have jobs to do.

Better not show Brandon this picture. He will be wanting to do his hair like this bird.

The wild caged Norah on display.
We are pretty sure that everyone at the zoo knows her name now. We said it alot. We are trying to get her to recognize that when we say Norah, we mean her.

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