Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Daycare and bugs

Norah got all signed up for daycare today. She will be going to the same daycare that her brother went to. She setteled right down to do puzzles and only looked up for me once. I even went out to the car for my wallet. The staff are all very good and showed a lot of interest in learning some more sign language so that they can effectively communicate with Norah. They already knew the basics like eat, toilet, ect so I feel really comfortable with her going there. I told them that I would make up a chart with pictures and signs so that they can refer to it if they need to. We will visit 2 more times this week for about an hour then 3 times next week then she will start staying by herself for a few hours 3 or 4 days a week for two weeks. By then, ready or not, it will be time for me to go back to work.
This is Norah watching the other kids get ready to eat lunch. They offered her some pizza and a spot at the table but she wasn't quite ready for that yet.

Who knew that weeds could be so interesting.

We found a caterpilar on the pourch today. She never would let me put it in her hand but she sure was keeping an eye on it.

This is as close as she would get with her hand.


Leah Spring said...

Hi there! I've been following your blog for a few weeks now. I'm a sign language interpreter. One thing that you might want to check on is weather or not your school district would offer a sign language class for Norah's caregivers. In some areas the school districts will! Usually daycare staff has to put in X number of hours per year on continuing ed, and this would count towards that for them, which is a good incentive. Most staff finds that it's just plain fun anyway.

to sing and to dance said...

Hi Glen,
The pictures are all so cute!
Just a thought on daycare. being that she's profoundly deaf, have you considered sending her to a daycare/preschool for the deaf? Seems it would make her feel less isolated. Or is that way too expensive?
Do you know if the county in your area helps with preschool costs if you send her to a specialized school?

Charlotte said...

It is so hard to send them to daycare, I had to do it three times. There you work so hard to get this child, then you have to go to work and leave them. I personally think it is harder on the parent than the child. I will pray for your family as you all transition. Riley's 1st day of daycare he picked up after the kids and swept the floor, and when i found out I wept ! My child was 2 1/2 and knew how to do this, he had been taught to do it. I told them to never let him do it again. Rachael had to have been the funniest of them all, just imagine this little bubbly almost 3 yr. sweeping fluent Chinese telling everyone what to do and pointing her finger !

In 6 months she spoke fluent English and as she attached to me, she attached to a teacher there.

Good luck, can't wait to see Nora succeed !!

Charlotte and crew

Anonymous said...

Did the birds nest in your ferns again this year? She'll love that!

Charity, Katie, Louie & Natalie said...

Lori, how long are you taking off work? I'm planning on taking 3 months off when our daughter gets home and transitioning into daycare like you are doing. Please let me know how it goes. Btw, great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Please check out this site, Sandra has a daughter w/ cochlear implants. Lots of info and I am sure she'd share with you her info.


Norah is adorable and looks so very, very happy! Congrats!

Glen said...

Thank you for all the resources. We will check out every one of them.

No birds in the ferns yet. I think the freeze we got that burned the ferns a little may be making them not as good of a home. I'll cut out the burned part and then hopefully we will get some takers. I think Norah would get a big kick out of that too.


ann said...

Glen and Lori, Norah is beautiful, I have been following your blog since you first started it and have enjoyed it. I am Kammy's mom. I do this to keep from going craZy til we get Mari-Grace. We can't believe it is taking so long. Just pray we get her before to much longer. Kam's daddy and I are gonna get to babysit while her momma works, but if she doesn't get here soon, we are gonna be to old. lol. anyway, in the mean time I'll keep up with Norah, Allison Grace and The Groves kids Kaleigh ,Susanna, the Rouse children,& also Reese. Hurry up Mari-Grace.Ann "omaw" Krisell

bbmomof2boys said...

Hey guys!

It seems that Norah is adjusting well to her new home! I'm so happy for her and you.

Daycare is hard. Little T goes for just 4 hours each day so I can get some work done (I work at home) but after the summer I'm going to enroll her full time. I hate it but it's a daycare that both my boys went to. Even the teachers are the same that the boys had!!

Love the pictures - can't wait to see more!