Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gardening and copycat day.

Norah running around the backyard. I'll explain the headband later.

She is a big helper when it comes to working inside or out. She carries plants, digs in the dirt, loves to water, and pulls weeds without being asked.

Checking out the worm in Mom's hand.

Discussing how she feels about the worm and about how she is NOT putting it in her hand or touching it.

The pigtails make this gardening ensemble complete.

In the summer when we garden and work outside alot Lori will cut the sleeves off of old tshirts and use them to hold back her hair. Norah saw her do this and had to have one of her own.

Playing in the office chair.

Norah instructing Brandon on how to properly apply lip balm. She made him put on 2 different kinds.

Norah found one of the arm bands that you can put your Ipod in. After watching Glen put on his back belt, that he wears more often than not, she deceided that the arm band was actually HER backbelt and strapped this thing on. She wore it all day and then had to put it on over her pj's and sleep in it.

Yes, she is sticking out her tongue.
On a fun note our air conditioner caught on fire Sunday. So we are having to have a new one installed. Summers/humidity here in Arkansas require an air conditioner, people actually die here from the heat. It's not like in California where we could go without one. In the air conditioners defense it was over 35 years old. Thats like 315 in air conditioner years.


Leah Spring said...

That child is a riot!!!! I don't remember if I've commented here before. I started reading your blog right before you traveled to get Norah (I think!) I'm a sign language interpreter, and also a parent of a child who has a moderate/severe bilateral hearing loss along with Down syndrome. We're working on getting our homestudy done to either adopt a child who is deaf/hoh (that's MY goal, but not my husbands. ;-) or host children on medical visa who are coming to have CI's done. I'm LOVING reading Norah's story, and seeing her grow in this new world of hers!

to sing and to dance said...

Isn't it odd how much they want to help? Cady was like that a lot when we brought her home too. She would take a wash rag and wash down EVERYTHING if we let her. One time, she found graffiti on a beam at the park, and tried to wash it off. I think she was being primed to be an "older sister" in the orphanage, because at 15 months old, they start this process...she was 17 months old. But it was fun for her, so I let her do it.
As for that back brace, be careful, Glenn. I used to wear one a lot, and it made my back worse. I ended up with Sciatica and a bulging disk that could only be repaired via surgery on the spine or daily doses of ultrasound. I chose the ultrasound, but it still took a year of that (daily) before it healed. The back brace will only weaken your muscles more, even though it feels better while you use it.
And yeah, in California the weather is cool (not death causing cold) in the winters, but the summers are HOT. Over 100 degrees for at least 2 weeks every summer. So, I feel you when you say you NEED an air conditioner. Bet that's a pretty penny to replace. Just waiting for ours to do the same.

Donna said...

I'm still laughing about the ipod arm band that she decided to wear as a belt all day. Gosh, kids crack me up!

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Glen said...

Unfortunatley Glen has had 2 back surgeries in approx. 5 years with the last one being a fusion of some of his lumbar vertebrae. The weight belt and the medication that he takes daily are not optional and are required to allow him to have as close to the quality of life that he should have as a 37 year old. Glad that you were able to find relief with ultrasound treatments. Back pain is a terrible thing.