Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Random Pictures

Norah inside the sling.
Glen made a sling out of a twin bed sheet and was swinging Norah around the living in it. She sure does like to rough house.

We were showing Norah how to play with the cat with a piece of ribbon. She found the ribbon to be interesting too. The goofy looking rabbit is something she picked up at WalMart, he hops and sings.

Puppet show time.

Norah has doscovered that she can get around the house by hitching a ride on anyones leg that passes by her.

Wlking on top of Dad's feet.

Norah LOVES the kitty! Now the kitty on the other hand.........

This is the look we got when she picked up her ball and it was wet. Notice that she is holding it with her fingertips.

Playing outside.


Carrie said...

She looks so cute! Glad things are going well.

Margaret M said...

It looks like she is having lots of fun being home with her family. Congrats to all!

Anonymous said...

Just checking in on ya'll. Norah looks so happy. Glad her signing is gfoing so well!!! She has such a gorgeous smile...Princess Norah...yes that fits! Hang in there on the jet took Sydney and I 2-3 weeks to finally adjust to Colorado!

Janelle & Syd
your CCAI WC yahoo friends

LJ said...

Norah is adorable...what a smile! I've enjoyed reading about your trip, and now about your time home.

Eleanor said...

Norah looks perfect in every way. She has the most infectious smile. Your blog is so much fun to check out. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.


bbmomof2boys said...

Hey guys! wow - Norah is such a beauty! Doesn't it feel good to have that laughter fill your house?

Happy belated birthday to Lori! You'll catch up with me soon...NOT!! (I'm old - ugh!)


Laurie Wells said...

Glen, those pictures are amazing.. sooo glad for you guys. Norah is just beautiful.. and so happy!

Laurie Wells

Ash said...

Norah looks so beautiful and happy at home with you.
I wanted to say, we too have the same cat, ours is named "Baby" and same living room rug and the same counter height kitchen table.. whoa, too cool & a little eire. I thought you were at my house for a minute. Too funny!! Thanks for sharing Glen and family.