Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday (continued)

Norah matching her hand print against the lions paw prints.
Pointing out the big "cat".

She was facinated by the bears.

We got to looking at this picture and started laughing. The little girl beside Norah is more interested in her than in the huge grizzly bear that is walking close to the glass.

Norah ran this fish food dispenser through the ringer. She went through close to $3.00 in quarters before we could lure her away with lemonaide.

Can't you just hear the Mission Impossible theme music playing. This orangutan worked his way around the whole wall of the enclosure pressed up against the wall.

The big man himself. Norah was really interested in him and waved almost the whole time we looked at him. He of course was completely unimpressed by everything.

Beautiful Lorikeet eating an orange.

After the zoo it was off to the park for lunch.

....and some MORE running.


Carrie said...

how cool- glad to see you all having fun!

Lynn said...

Just checked in... so much going on for little Norah. So happy to hear she got her hearing aides and that she can hear well. It brought tears to my eyes.

Love your photos of the zoo the gorilla and Lorikeet shots are amazing!