Thursday, August 09, 2007

Annie goes to the beach.

Annie sent us some recent photos of her trip to the beach. I love the fact that she looks so happy and outgoing. I don’t think the girl can take a bad photo. I hope she is living it up there, I know she has been working hard in class, and has tests today. I will register her for school on Monday. Lori took Brandon to get his schedule today and attend a 50 minute orientation meeting that is mandatory for all new students. Annie will be here late Saturday night, if she doesn’t get caught up in airport limbo, which can easily happen. We are so excited, it is the talk of the house. I hope her parents are doing ok, it must be hard on them to let her go away for so long. She will be able to talk to them over the computer with the web cam so they can see her. Hopefully that will bring them some comfort.
The weather here these last couple of days has been hot, hot, hot. I have been getting up at 3:30 AM to try to beat the heat. When I left work today at 12:30 PM it was 104 degrees. I was so glad to get into the air conditioning. Luckily we keep our house cool. I can not imagine trying to sleep with out airconditioning.

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Charlotte said...


I can't wait til Annie gets here for you ! Maybe she can help with the FCC Moon Festival ! They need some volunteers ! Hope you are coming tomorrow night to our spaghetti dinner and silent auction to help bring Rachael home !