Saturday, August 25, 2007

We need to go do something.

The kids had a good week at school. Boo likes all his classes and seems excited to be in high school, even with his busy schedule. Annie has also been doing good in her classes and is catching on quickly to the way things work at schools in America. She requested that we change one of her classes, which we did Friday. Journalism was just not her cup of tea. When we talked about why she wanted to change the class on Thursday she told us, “I don’t want to make stories up. I want to tell the truth.“
We went out last night to eat and to the book store. At dinner there was some lady complaining about her meal, service, the table, you name it. I think she was trying to get out of paying the check. I didn’t see how it all played out because Annie and I had to go out to get her a sweater. The Girl is freezing in all this air conditioning. Annie was very surprised and happy to have only one assignment to do over the weekend. Lori and I are hoping that with her new found free time she will be able to see and do some new things or pursue an already existing interest that she may have. We are going to go do something this afternoon to get them out since they are done with all there schoolwork for the weekend.

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Unknown said...

thanks for sharing this experience with us..sounds like things are going well