Tuesday, August 07, 2007

You ever had one thing lead to another?

The small door in our hall had a hole in it. So I replaced it. We have an older home, built in the early 70’s so we had the smooth brown doors on them. Anyway after I put it up it looked so good that I decided to put all new doors on. They are so clean and bright. We always knew that we would replace them. I will tell you Annie's impending arrival has been a real motivator for a lot of home improvements projects that have needed to be done and just have not happened. Hard to believe she will be here in just 4 more days.


Lisa and Shane said...

Wow Glen your house looks beautiful, I love the hallway. Any more pics? Not long now until Annie arrives. Watching your blog for photos of that too!

Glen said...

Thank you Lisa, yes we got some more Annie sent us I will post today. Now I am off to work It is so hot here now I am starting at 4:00 am to beat the heat alitle.

Herringtons said...

Hey Glen, Lori and Brandon,
I look at your blog all of the time. We love you all and hope you are all doing great!
The pics are great of your house,wish you were closer to so we could hire you to work our house over.