Monday, August 20, 2007

First day of school

Lori here. I stayed home from work today to make sure that both kids got off to school alright. Brandon requested french toast for breakfast and Annie had toast with peanut butter and an egg (regular fried egg, not 100 year old). I was able to snap a picture right before they walked out of the front door with only slight eye rolling from Brandon. Thank goodness the sunglasses were able to hold back the looks. Annie was very nervous this morning but smiled like a real trooper and set off for school with Brandon without any trouble, just lots of deep breathing. I also took a picture of them walking down the road together. The high school is relatively close to our house and the kids decieded that they would prefer to walk rather than ride the bus.

Glen got a call from Brandon this afternoon to come pick them up. him and Annie were full of news about their first day. Everything seemed to go well for Annie, who even made it to all of her classes on time in an unfamiliar school. She said that people were nice to her and that her Biology teacher is very sweet. Brandon is going to have a very full plate this year with all of the activities he has taken on. Which translates into a very busy year for us as well. We are going to chalk today up on the success side of the page and hope for a repeat tomorrow.

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Lisa and Shane said...

Hi Lori - glad to hear it was a good first day at school all round, and that Annie in particular did OK. Lisa