Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Our projects for the day.

We had Lori’s Mom & Dad over for dinner last night. After dinner I started cutting cookie dough from one of
the already made up tubes you can get at the grocery store . Annie jumped right in & wanted to finish the job. It was fun watching her get excited when the cookies were done. She told us she liked to cook. In our house cookies from a tube frequently qualifies as baking, so that works for us. This morning I am letting the kids get some much needed rest. This afternoon if she wants to Annie & I are going to bake this cake to surprise Lori. Then Annie, Boo, and I are going to take in a movie.

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Anonymous said...

I need my Cook family blog fix...how are things going at your house?

Maybe in a couple of weeks some of the FCC families can get together and eat out somewhere, and meet ANNIE!!!

Cheryl Davidson