Thursday, August 30, 2007

Long Busy Day!

Well yesterday was a very productive day, but before I get into that let me just say my reef tank is doing swimmingly. All corals and fish survived & show no signs of stress from the move to the bar in the kitchen.
That clown fish loves his anenome way to much. He guards it with his life.

I also wanted to show you the piece of equipment (tile saw) Lori ran yesterday when she got home from work. While I put down morter and tile, she did the cutting. I am so proud of her she still has all her fingers.

First piece of hardy backer board goes down.

You put it down over mortar then nail it to the sub floor. Lots of nails went into this floor.

All the hardy board is finally down, now it is time to get some tile.
Lori made it home for the last two peices of the hardy board.

We wanted to match the tile in the kitchen and I figured it would take 14 boxes of tile to cover the floor. Then I would get a box or two of extra tile for broken pieces that you get sometimes when you buy tile & for any mistakes we made in cutting. They only had 13 boxes and 5 pieces. We bought it all in hopes it would be enough. No room for mistakes now & we did get 2 tiles that were broken but we managed to use them for some of our cut pieces.

I had to post this photo notice all the spirit orbs. You people that waste your money on having ghost busters come to your house need to get a life. It is dust in the air reflecting back from the flash you dorks. Lori had just finished sweeping the side where the bucket is before she took the photo.

Finally at 8:00 last night we were done laying the tile & hit the KFC for a late dinner. Today I will grout the joints in the tile, put the furnishings back, and start collecting the many sprit orbs with my proton power pack. I will post pics of the finished product.

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