Saturday, August 18, 2007

Some beautiful gifts from Annie & the kids get new duds.

Annie surprised us with some beautiful pillows. There are 100 people in each one, you can count them if you would like, we did and there is exactly 100. Annie laughed at us because people back in China told her that we would want to count them. The Chinese writing on the side says peace around the world.
We had another busy day today. We went to the farmers market and then we hit two Asian food supply stores because they did not have some of the ingredients Annie needed to make us something she wanted to cook at wal-mart. We took the kids to the mall yesterday to look for some new school clothes. The high school here has very strict dress code, the shorts can not be more then 4 inches above the knee when they are kneeling on the floor. I would have never imagined how hard it was to find clothes that meet that criteria. We did eventually find some and both kids have some new clothes & school supplies for the start of school. Just one more day and it is back to the books for the both of them.


Unknown said...

What a beautiful pillow! Sounds like you have had a good time. Cant wait for more pictures!

Monica said...

Such a nice pillow.

I can't believe Cabot High is that strict about their dress code...I'm not sure there even was one at Mills. I never had a problem with it. I'm really not sure we even had one...oh yeah, all underwear must be inside your outer clothing...and still no one did anything about the guys walking around with their boxers half way out of their pants.