Sunday, August 26, 2007

The fellows at the Waterbuffalo Lodge in Bedrock would be proud!

Well, we decieded yesterday to get out of the house and go bowling. Annie has never been before and Brandon LOVES to go bowling. Brandon went out of his way to show Annie how to hold and aim the ball and then she promptly beat the pants off of all of us. The girl catches on quick! Ok, it's not really that hard to beat us bowling as we are not very good. After bowling we went to Moe's (mexican resturant) for dinner, another Brandon and Glen favorite. We also ordered the couch that we have had our eye on for sometime, it should be here next Sunday if all goes as expected. The weather has started to cool down some here, thank goodness but still no rain. We had to close the vent in Annie's room yesterday becuase she was turing into a popsicle. Apparently Americans keep our homes and places of business alot cooler than in China. While we were out the other day Glen had to go out and get Annie a sweatshirt because her hands felt like ice cubes. This winter we will have to make sure she stays bundeled up and get her an electric blanket for her bed.


Ronda said...

Long time lurker-first time posting. Annie is adorable-I am excited to follow your family's journey this next year with her in your home.

Lisa and Shane said...

Glen - sounds like a blast. I haven't been bowling in years. It also sounds like you have a great boy there who has helped Annie settle in. Please post a picture of your lounge!