Sunday, August 19, 2007

Lost in traslation

Annie made us dinner last night with some of the things we got at the Chinese food store. One of the more interesting things that went into the meal were what were called 100 year old duck eggs. We also purchased a rice cooker to make rice in, and found some sticky rice at Wal-Mart that can easily be eaten with chopsticks.
She hadn’t made the dish she prepared for us last night before so she was winging it on what went into to it. One of the dishes tasted like stew and potatoes with spices. The one with the duck eggs was the one that got a good laugh out of all of us. We all sat down to eat and as Annie started eating the conversation went like this:
Annie: This is to delicious.
Lori: Yes, it is very good.
Annie: I’m sorry I never made it before. I don’t think I can eat anymore it tastes to delicious.
Meanwhile I am across the table eating away at it.
Lori: You have never made it before and some of the ingredients you are using are different from what you are used to.
Annie: It is not good. I don’t know if I can eat anymore, it is to delicious.
Glen: Annie I don’t think you are using the word delicious the right way.
Annie: (Goes into deep thought, then her eyes light up) I know the word I meant . It is terrible. I don’t like it.
Lori & I: Oh. Annie, you don’t have to eat it. We all had a big laugh Annie included. She is a riot and fits in perfectly with our family.
Annie also had more gifts for us last night. There was a tissue box cover and coasters. We really enjoy and appreciate her gifts.


Unknown said...

Oh, what a conversation that must have been!

Monica said...

That must have been an interesting conversation. Reese says some funny things at 2 (she's picking up on English really fast and easily), I can only imagine what it's like at 16. Annie seems so nice. I can't wait to meet her. You should drag her and Brandon to an FCC thing some time.


Lisa and Shane said...

Those eggs look fowl (parden the pun) from all the way Down Under... sounds like a very funny conversation. Glad things are sounding so positive.